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makrakwmiFar01_fWs.gifBuild in southern hill side of the western Othrios and in altitude 280 m., overrides transport, administrative and economically, offering aesthetic enjoyment in the visitor, with view in the Spercheio river and his valley. Entertains history, culture and at the same time modern infrastructure and graphic colour. Her population amounts roughly in the 3000 residents. Is found 31hlm westwards of Lamia, 500m of more or less north Spercheio river and constitutes Municipality of prefecture and province Fthiotida.

Easternly it borders with the region of Makri, westwards with the region of Vitoli, north-westernly with the region of Tsouka, southernly with the region of Spercheiados and north-easternly with the regions of Platistomou and Archaniou. Her climate is mild and healthy (soft without damp). Her total extent amounts in 12 thousands 300 acres, the bigger part is flat and smaller hilly.

History - Monuments - Sightseeing

  • Makrakomi: The town brings the name of ancient city of Ainianon "Makra Komi" which ruins are recognized in the hill of Prophet Ilia. The "Makra Komi" also reports the historical Livios describing the destruction of Spercheias from the Aitolous (198 p.X.). It deserves anyone to visit the elevation of Prophet Ilia, naisko of Agia Paraskeui (in overgrown from cypresses locality), the Citadel of Makrakomi (with magic view in the plain) and the elevation of Lavanitsas.
  • Platistomo: Graphical bath-city with natural sources (acquaintances in the ancient Ainianes). A place in outrageous vegetation, where the traveller can calm and escape from the week-day routine in the shade age-old planetrees. His therapeutic waters are suitable for potable therapy and spa therapy. Near them is found the hill with the castle.
  • Nea and Palia Giannitsou - Pappa: Here exist traces of two ancient castles.
  • Makri: With her particularly beautiful square and the amazing planetree forest of the river Spercheiou. In Makri exists also the unique station of care and protection of animals in Fthiotida.
  • Archani: Where we can go on in gully with the sources and therapeutic waters.
  • Asvestis: With the stone vaulted bridge.
  • Trilofo: With an amazing religious Museum calling itself "The Biblo".
  • Kastri: With imaginary planetree forest that is extended at both sides of the Spercheiou river. In the centre of village dominates the castle.
  • Tsouka: The veranda of Western Fthiotida. With the tap in the chalkia water hole and the Ai Yannis with the giant acorn.
  • Litoselo: With the folklore museum and the settlement called "Afentika".
  • Rovoliari: With the beautiful age-old firs, chestnut-tree forest and the forests of oak as his amazing folklore museum.

Gastronomy - Entertainment

Local meats from free pasturage animals and tasty sausages with the traditional method of production. Wine and raki from the mountainous vines of Makrakomi, Tsouka and Platistomo. Famous are the kiwi of Kastri and the shell peanuts of Makri.

Cultural - Events

Events for the battle of Makrakomi, three-day Carnival events in the Makrakomi. Traditionally festivals in the Makrakomi and in all the villages (Agiou Pneumatos). Musical evenings, offering, exhibition and theatrically acts, are realised the summertime.

Environment - Development

gianitsou01_fWs.gifIn the fertile plain of Makrakomi are cultivated corns, gardenings, cerials and melon-fields. Specifics developed is the culture of tobacco, cotton, peanuts and kiwis. At the same time are developed the livestock-farming and the aviculture.